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Shaped steel profiles

Joint-Stock Company " North-service " is based in 1993.
The head of firm - Isupov Jury Glebovich, the general director
The purpose of firm - satisfaction of needs of clients in qualitative metal rolling.
Joint-Stock Company " North-service " is official dealer Omutninsk of a metallurgical plant on Northwest FR.
The basic specialization of activity of firm-delivery of steel shaped structures of high accuracy and manufacture of hardware.
All production is certificated on ISO 9001:2000.
The basic consumers of Joint-Stock Company " Nord-Service " - the largest machine-building enterprises of St.-Petersburg and Northwest FR.
Constantly updating an assortment of production, the firm works both with large, and with small firms.
Distinctive feature of marketing policy of firm-efficiency and flexibility in satisfaction of the most exacting consumers, convenient and fast registration of all accompanying documents
The address of firm 196653, St.-Petersburg, Kolpino, prospect Lenin, 21a, office 42

Steel shaped structures of high accuracy apply to economy of metal, in cases of mass production of products or
At greater expenses of metal.
As shows an expert, the economy of metal at application HPSSS usually makes from 20 up to 100 %.
Economic benefit of application HPSSS to count up also it is uneasy, because it has carries as obvious character (reduction of expenses of machine time), and hidden
(Increase of culture of manufacture).
In spite of the fact that in Russia there are opportunities to make HPSSS practically all standard sizes let out in the world, but in a reality
Proceeding from opportunities of the Russian mechanical engineering, their application is considerably limited.
Besides there is a sharp deficiency of highly skilled designers which are capable to project machines and mechanisms in view of modern requirements.

In total in the world 100000 structures are totaled approximately and this figure constantly grows.
HPSSS manufactures OMP have cross-section section from 16 sq.mm up to 2500 sq.mm.
You can send the drawing of a structure demanded to you and we shall operatively give you the answer.

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